Shaping and reductions

Benjamin’s Trees ltd under take all aspects of shaping and reductions from mature trees to formative pruning. Every type of tree has different needs when it comes to pruning. It is important to keep the tree’s natural shape and to have a clear idea of what the client wishes to achieve both short and long term.

Crown and canopy lift

This is where we lift the lower branches to a uniformed height, it is a great way to allow extra light in with out reducing the size, or spoiling the shape of the tree.


This is a common practice where we remove crossing limbs, dead wood and poorly structured branches. This results in the reduction of loading on limbs and allows more light through to the inner canopy or flowerbeds under the tree.

Crown reductions

These are used to reduce the tree in both height and spread. The most important part of this practice is to retain the natural shape of the tree.